AMC Pacer


Construction inline ohv six cylinder engine, hydraulic lifters, 7 main bearings, electronic ignition V8 ohv engine
Displacement 3,8 l 4,2 l 5,0 l
Carburetors Carter YF 1V Carter 2BBD
Compression Ratio 8,0:1 8,4:1
Power (HP @ RPM) 90 @ 4300 95 @ 4300 120 @ 4300 125 @ 3600
Torque (Nm @ RPM) 250 @ 1800 288 @ 1800 300 @ 2400
mileage 9-18 l/100km (14-20 MPG), depending on options and driving style
Randall AMC in Mesa, AZ produced a Monster-Pacer in limited numbers which had no rear side windows and the AMC 401 engine


limited slip differential as an option

Front Suspension:
independent suspension, coil spring/shock combination, subframe isolated with rubber bushings, anti-sway bar (optional), rack & pinion steering (optional powered), drum brakes, optional vented discs and powered.

Rear Axle:
solid axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs, telescopic shock absorbers, drum brakes

Measurements and Weights (Coupe)
Wheel Base 254 cm
Length 436 cm
Width 196 cm
Height 134 cm
Net Weight 1400-1500 kg
Load 400 kg
Trunk Volume 840 l (rear bench down)
Tank Volume 82 l
Cornering Circle 11,3 m
Pacer mit Dame

(depending on year) "X" package. "D/L" package. Decor package. Power steering. Power windows. Power door locks. Leather interior. Bench seat. Manual or power front disc brakes. AM, AM/FM radio, entertainment system with 8-track tape player. Hidden compartment. Bucket seats. Individual reclining seats (D/L only). Air conditioning system. Tinted glass, all windows. Rear window defogger. Rear window washer and wiper. Roof rack. Cruise command speed control (automatic transmission only). Adjust-O-Tilt steering column (auto/column shift only). Visibility group. Deluxe electric windshield wipers with intermittent action. Light group. Door vent windows. Sports steering wheel. Wheel discs. Styled road wheels (X or D/L). Aluminium styled wheels (X or D/L). Slot-styled wheels (X only). Extra quiet insulation. Protection group. Bumper nerfing strips. Handling package: heavy-duty springs, shocks and front sway bar. Front sway bar. Vinly roof. Two-tone paint. White-wall tires.

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